Coping with Blogging at University

This post will take the form of a rant...and will contain a lot of explanation as to the future of this blog whilst ever I am at University. It was something I'd hoped to write a lot later down the line, however I feel the time has come to just type what I'm thinking about how blogging is going whilst at Uni and what I'm going to do about it.

As I type this now, I am surrounded by notes of foetal bone structure and the placenta (yes, I'm a midwifery student if you hadn't guessed), a strong cup of coffee, and a half eaten chocolate bar. It's week three and I'm pretty snowed under with work and daily stresses already. I was under no illusion that I'd picked one of the hardest university courses there is, it's full on all the time, and I see my house mate walking in at 12 for an hour, and I get pretty jealous when I'm doing the 9-5. I knew the day would come where I felt like all I was doing was working, but I didn't expect it to be so soon.
Sometimes in life there has to be a compromise. And unfortunately, getting my work done is going to take priority over my blog. I currently say I'll post three times a week, and three times a week for nearly a year that is what I've done. I'm so proud of myself for never 'missing' a post. But now I'm at uni, getting those posts out there is a lot harder - I not only have less time, but I'm struggling to come up with as much content. So here is my pledge to you (and to myself) I'm going to try my best to post three times a week, but I'm not going to stress about it. Sometimes I might just write about my week, and not worry about putting up an in depth review, or pictures of a crazy adventure I'd been on. Sometimes I might just post once a week. I don't know what the plan is really, but I do know that blogging at University isn't worth stressing about, it's not worth, worrying about, because then I won't enjoy it. While my friends are off doing sport, I'll sit with my laptop, guilt free and type, but sometimes, it needs to be guilt free that I'm not typing.
I think there is too much pressure of blogs nowadays to post so many times a week, certain days at certain times. Just have fun. So here is my post about coping with blogging at university, without a top picture, without any fancy editing, just words, about the future of HBH. Hope you've enjoyed. Leave me a comment if you see where I'm coming from, any tips for blogging at Uni?
P.S Just a heads up, there won't be a post on Sunday. I'm seeing my friends from home this weekend and have been very busy with work so I've not had time to prepare one! But I'll try put together a little combination of some of my favourite past posts so pop back for that...especially if you're new here!

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  1. Wow, I don't know if that kind of structure is a recent thing, or a cultural thing for some bloggers, but I've *never* stuck to any kind of posting schedule [in 7 years]. And I certainly never promise my readers anything.

    My blog is first and foremost, mine, part of my life. I'm not part of its life.

    I reckon you should have as many guilt free, blogging free hours as you like! If you're missing the structure you could always take notes about your experiences, your course, your feelings in the first year of uni ... without the pressure to blog them straight away... and who knows what could come of it?!

    You'll have your memoir sorted! Or at least an entertaining blog series maybe a few months/a year down the line. Just today I finished drafting a post containing some reflections on campus life based on things I've noticed on campus ... and I've been working there for 9 years! Not everything needs to be blogged the week it happens. [I blogged a lot more on this topic here in what I've called the Dr. Who Approach to Blogging.]

    Wishing you a wonderful first year [and apologies for the lecture!!]

    Julie :-)