April Scrapbooking: I'm wayyyy behind

Back in September I started a scrapbooking series, it lasted until October. That kind of reflects my entire scrapbooking journey really. It's been a bit hit and miss, and the January Exams absorbed all my time and I think I picked my scrapbook up once between November and January. But recently I've started to get back into it, and I've been loving it. I thought I'd share with you the contents of my scrapbook up until the new year and then in a few weeks I'll show you some more recent things.

So let's go back to October. I'd left this page empty for a while whilst I did other pages because I just wasn't sure what how I wanted it to be. I new I wanted to write on this page and document more detail about the day, so when I bought some journaling cards and the 'today' card was one of them it just seemed to come together. I like the card with the glasses to fit in with the uni vibe and printing the picture in 7x8 rather than 6x4 has made it more of a feature on the page.

The right side of this I'm not sure about but the left side I'm pretty pleased with so we'll start with that. This page holds a lot of memories. The pink wristband is the wristband I got on entrance to the gig (for those who don't know Mike Dignam - he's pretty ace, and his music is brilliant, go check him out) and I knew I wanted to make a feature on it. The signature has a story of it's own. After the gig he was signing CD's and getting pictures and I just thought 'how great would this look in my scrapbook'. So I went over to the desk that was selling merch and asked for a piece of anything really, they tore this one out of a book and when I asked Mike to sign it he said 'you want me to sign this scrappy bit of paper' 'yes'. Now the right page is a bit bare, and I'm just not sure about the layout, so might be changing this one.

Nothing on the left page of this is stuck down. I loveingly cut all the 'good times' letters out of a journaling card, and I like the design of the four pictures. But the left side again looks a bit bare. Any ideas? I have a feeling the old washi tape may come in handy. Although can we just take a minute to appreciate that vodka postcard I picked up from Paperchase!

I would say this is probably my favourite page in my scrapbook so far. Love it. This all happened in one weekend so I'm really pleased it work out to be a double page spread. I think the use of the Chiquito paper and tickets made it tell more of a story and the pictures don't dominate like they do on some of the pages. I went to town on the tiled letters and think it works really well, as a theme throughout the two pages. Something I tried for the first time was making a bit of a pocket for the train tickets out of a journaling card and I think it works really well and is something I've repeated. Now lets take a minute to appreciate One Direction's last group hug - appreciated!

I've cut the little sayings out of a 12x12 card full of them. I mounted the pictures and then added the sayings and it works really well. The napkin is good in theory but I think I'm going to need to add some more double sided type (my favourite thing!) because it keeps folding over and getting creased. It's another texture though, and I've kept the rest of the napkin in my supplies to use again at some point!

This is another one of my favourite combinations. Again I'm glad both of my big Christmas activities ended up on a double page. So on the left side, I pinned the picture down by using scraps of paper from other pages. I think it works really well and adding the red just tied it all together. Now on the right side, all the little shapes, the penguins, presents, snowflakes, were all cut out of a postcard from Paperchase. I saw it and knew I wanted to use it for the Christmas pages but once I was trying to place it I just couldn't. It didn't seem to fit anywhere yet I loved what was on it. So I made the brave decision to chop it up and I think it works really well.

The final page I'm going to show you today is my New Year celebrations with my girlfriends. The presecco and the gold sticker came off the bottle we popped at midnight and I used a card to talk a little about the year. I feel like this card is perfect for this occasion and I based the colours of the page around this card. I wanted to show a progression of the state of the night so used the arrow and letter tiles to tell a story haha - you can see how the night went!
So that's it for today! I hope you like this post, and as I said I'll share some more pages in a few weeks time. I feel like as time goes on I'm really feeling like I'm getting better at this whole scrapbooking thing and happier with the outcomes. See you soon!


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