The 10/10 Jeans I can't get enough of!

I have a had a turbulent relationship with jeans over my lifetime. I have a major problem with the length, to bum, to waist ratio. I've always had to by a bigger size in an attempt to fit around my legs and bottom and worn a belt in an attempt to synch in the baggy waist and try my best to avoid a builders bum! I've gone through an unintentional weight loss over the past few months and I found that my go to jeans were just really letting me down so I went on the hunt for a pair that would be my best friends!

After a raving review from my housemate I opted to try a pair of jeans from M&S...definitely not my go to shop but I thought why not. My housemate always looked cracking in her jeans (although she does have an incred figure so maybe that helps!) so I thought what have I got to lose. I was fed up of spending money on jeans that just never lasted. So I invested in a pair from M&S and I can't rate them highly enough. I actually think I'm in love.

The most important thing about a pair of jeans is the fit. I'm a skinny jean kind of girl, and I want them to be just that....skinny! These are great! A sign of a good skinniness is when you have to peel them off at the end of the say because they fit so snug. But not too snug you feel comfortable. I've found with these even though they don't state they are high waisted they fit higher than my hips, maybe not quite my waist, but this means they don't move as you move and there is definitely no builders bum sitch!

There's only a certain level of comfort I thought I would ever be able to achieve in a pair of skinny jeans. However these from M&S surpass my expectations! At first they were a little rigid, but now I've worn them in they are so comfy! Must say...sometimes got to undo that top button when I've indulged in a few to digestives, but generally these are really soft.

So I was very disappointed when I bought a pair of jeans from a well known high street brand and they a) shrank and b) faded. There is nothing worse than that feeling when you remove a pair of jeans from the wash and they look different to the pair you put in. That's not the case with these. They 'wash well' as my mum would say. I've washed them countless times since I got them a few months ago and they genuinely have not faded or changed in fit in anyway. I have two pairs; black and a dark blue, and neither let me down.

So these jeans sell at £22.50 each. I have the super skinny type but they do a jegging, and mom jeans, all retailing at a slightly different price but all reasonable and very competitive with other high street stores. I always begrudged paying a lot of money for jeans, because I felt as if it was always wasted. Not with these. They are genuinely the best jeans I have ever had!

Hope you've enjoyed this blog post. Let me know where you found 'that' pair of jeans!

Hannah x

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