My Scrapbooking Situation: Favourite Layouts

Today I thought I'd share some of my favourite layouts I've made over the past year or so in my scrapbook. Sometimes pages seem to come together really well, and then other times I feel I just have a complete mind block about where to go with it all. The thing I love most about scrapbooking is the creativity. There are no rules with it all. Anyway, here are some of my favourite layouts from my scrapbooks.

I really love this vodka postcard I picked up from Paperchase - it always makes people laugh whenever they see it. And then on the right I love the repeat picture. I didn't intend to use it like I did but I think it gives a really good effect.

This is quite a busy double page but I think it works really well. This all took place in one weekend so I'm glad it worked out to be a double page. I've used both the tickets from the two events, train tickets and paper from the food outlet. I've ran greens and blues through the page to pull the two sides together and I think it's made a really cute finish.

This is New Year 2015 and I absolutely love it. I've used stickers from the prosecco bottle and a screenshot of my first google search of the new year. The card I've used to sum up the year is from a set (can't remember which) but I think this just sums it all up.

I love this page. I've used this little tag from a packet I got from Hey Little Magpie, and then added the little flowers from another packet I had. I really love that effect, think the hippie-ness of all that really blends with the pictures.

Again I've used a Paperchase postcard (I have so many in my supplies, they're absolutely fantastic!), and a whole heap of washi tape and vellum card. Using similar colours and prints has just pulled this all together and I love it.

When I've got an event that runs over a few pages I use some washi tape, or card, to mark the start and finish. I think it just completes the set in a way. Again I've used the prosecco sticker and train tickets just to mark something that took place, and then I've used cardstock I bought specifically for the new year! I've got some left over I'll save for next year!

I absolutely love my scrapbook. I spend for to much time (and probably money) on it, but I find it so relaxing and a real creative outlet as they say!

See you next time
Love, Hannah x

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