My 100 Things | #26 Play Crazy Golf

Almost everytime I go on holiday in the UK I've played crazy golf. A recent trip away was no different. The hotel we stayed at had its own little adventure golf course so I challenged my Mum and Dad to a couple of games and won both. We therefore had to have a third game because Dad wasn't happy with losing, so I let him win the third game just to shut him up!

Here's a few pictures.....


When I first had my stroke my therapists said doing things with both my left and right hand, would help the signals from my brain improve, and therefore my grip, co-ordination and movement would improve as a result - Holding the golf club was great therapy. Also, I'm super competitive so this was so much fun!

Well, that's another thing crossed off my 100 things list and another blog post.
Short but sweet, hope you liked it!

Hannah x

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  1. What a lovely little course - where was this? Well done on your family win, some of the holes look very tricky......