My 100 Things | #41 Win a Prize on a Slot Machine

Never in my 18 years of existence have I ever won a prize on a slot machine, so when I added this to my list I felt like it was in the hands of the slot machine rather than myself but would give it a go anyway!

When I was down south last month I went to the amusement arcades on the beach front - a UK holiday essential for my family. I remember going so much when I was little and my Grandma always used to empty her loose change from her purse and I would spend it all on the slot machines.

I was tempted to one machine by a five pound note dangling from the end. I have since realised it was probably glued down as it didn't budge but at the time I could have been sure it was moving so kept putting my change in. I swapped £2 into 2p pieces and spent them all. Some also fell out the machine and I kept putting them back in all in an attempt to get the £5 note.

In the process of doing this the keyrings that were on the top of the coins kept working their way forward and one dropped out. I'm counting this as the toy I wanted to get even though they aren't very big they are still a prize - I don't want to push my luck and try for something else. Anyway, in the efforts to try and get the £5 note, I spent so much money I ended up getting three keyrings! (They're The Simpsons and I'm note a massive fan of The Simpsons but who cares, it's still a prize!)


So, there they are, my three keyrings - not one but three!

And....another thing ticked of my 100 things list! I'm working through them now so will keep blogging about them!

Thanks for reading,

Hannah x

P.S If any of my friends are reading this you may get one of these as your Christmas gift! How lucky would that make you? Haha!

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