Halloween Fun | Pumpkin Carving

This year I went all out and carved two pumpkins for Halloween - I know what you're thinking, I live life on the edge, right?! Anyway, I carved one at home with my Mum and the other at my friend Alex's, as I spent Halloween with her at her Uni Halls.


Due to my dodgy hand, and the use of sharp tools, I thought it'd me safest for my mum to help me with this. I picked up the most enormous pumpkin from a nearby garden centre for the bargain price of £3. It was super heavy so Dad carried it for me, but he isn't very strong either so we had to buy it and go back to the car before we'd even picked up anything we went there for!

Anyway, I went for a very simple design. I'm not exactly a pumpkin carving pro and with this one being so big, I thought simplicity would look best. Also because my pumpkin was super huge, it took me ages to scoop out all of the middle, but I got there eventually and here is how the whole thing went:

Drawing on my design
Removing the lid
Scooping out the centre
Carving out the face
Geoffrey the Pumpkin


I spent Halloween weekend at my friend Alex's Uni Halls in Lancaster. It was great to catch up with her, as we've only spoke over Skype since she went and we used to see each other all the time. Anyway, her parents grow pumpkins in their garden (their garden is huge!) and they visited the previous week so took her one along. Myself, Alex, our friend Alice, and Alex's flatmate Jemma, decided to me a bit adventurous and carve both sides of the pumpkin, with pretty detailed designs - it seemed like a good idea at the time but was much harder to do than the picture we copied made it seem!

This is what the finished, lit up, pumpkin looked like:

Except pumpkin carving I didn't do a lot for Halloween, except spend it with friends, but I had a great time and hopefully next year I'll be spending it at uni, so hopefully it'll be just a good or better!

Hope you enjoyed this post :)

Hannah x

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