My 100 Things | #5 Get A Job

The title of this post is pretty self explanatory but the fact it is appearing on my blog now, shows I have achieved something I thought would take much longer! I HAVE GONE BACK TO WORK!!!! I'm excited, can you tell?

I used to have a job at my local newsagents. I worked there for just over a year, and in April I decided it was the right time to leave so I could concentrate on my exams before I moved away to Uni. It was definitely the right decision for myself and I don't regret because if I hadn't of had my stroke the plan would have come together perfectly. Obviously when the Stroke struck in July, I was left without the chance to go to Uni for a year and without a job. Definitely not the plan!

When I realised I was having a year out, getting a job at some point was a top priority so I could fund my year out, and get back into a routine. A job would help structure my week and give me something to do. Also, it's just a good feeling when you are spending money that you've earnt so this was a big incentive for me to get a job when I felt I was ready.

Earlier in the month I went into the shop where I used to work (I get on so well with everyone I worked with so I always go back in to say hello when I can) and saw an advertisement for a job in the window. I had no intention of applying for a job yet but when I saw the advert something told me I had to get my CV sorted and apply. I spoke to my Mum and Dad about it and they said I should go for it.

So I did.....and I got the job! Post stroke it is absolutely ideal - I'm working there two days a week, I can still attend all my appointments, all the activities I do with the stroke association and have a life! I'm working a few hours on Mondays and Tuesdays and I'm loving being back!

I won't lie, it's pretty tiring, and if I wasn't working somewhere I love as much as there I think I would have given up already - and I've only been back three weeks, haha! But fatigue is a big after effect of stroke and I'm getting used to how it effects me in everyday life. I have a nap when I come home from work before my tea and a nap solves all problems so it's working out ok!

I've got a couple of items on my '100 things' list planned to be ticked off soon so I'll blog about them when they happen! I think they may be some of my favourite!

If you're reading this and thinking what is she going on about, check out my first blog post here where it's all explained and read some of the things I've got up to already here!

Post again soon!

Love Hannah x

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