Monthly Favourites | November 2014

It's that time again, time for another Monthly Favourites! I didn't do a one in October because I got to the end of the month and couldn't think of anything I'd been loving, so this month I've been writing down little notes as they weeks have gone by so that I wouldn't get to writing this post and have nothing to write about again! So here goes...

My first favourite is a Nail Varnish from The Body Shop. I have the Top and Base Coat Colour Crush Nail Varnish and it is the best I have ever used. It does exactly what it says on the packaging and makes my Nail Varnish Colour so much longer lasting. I did a Haul post about a load of products I picked up from The Body Shop here where I wrote more about this Nail Varnish so check that one out!

My next favourite is another Nail Varnish! It's from E.L.F cosmetics in the Shade 'Smoky Brown'. It was an absolute bargain because this colour was being discontinued so I don't know if it will still be available but it was only £1! Pair this with my Body Shop Top and Base Coat and I have a combination that goes with everything and lasts for couple of weeks.

E.L.F Cosmetics Smoky Brown with The Body Shop Top and Base Coat
I'm loving the Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Caramel this month. I won't lie, it's staying power isn't great so it needs applying multiple times throughout the day. The packaging isn't great either but as an everyday lipstick, for popping to the shops it is really good. It adds a bit of colour and shine to my lips, is really moisturising and it's made it into my favourites because it is the bargain price of £1.99! I know some people would rather spend more money and by one really high quality product, but who doesn't like choice? At this price, you can definitely afford to buy a couple!

Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick, Caramel
My next favourite is a TV favourite. I'm a Celebrity came back this month and it's a sign that Christmas is coming! I absolutely love I'm a Celeb and every year I say I won't get addicted to it but each time I am hooked. It's one of those programs where I go out of my way to try to be able to watch every episode! I end up changing my mind on who I want to win multiple times as the show goes on but I think there'll be a King of The Jungle this year and not a Queen. I won't commit to a name just incase I change my mind again haha!

Finally my favourite, favourite of all. My Girlfriends. It's really hard for us all to get together at the moment, with everyone being spread across the country at work, university and college, and everyone is so busy so meeting up on a date we can all do is almost impossible. This week five out of the six of us managed to meet up ( If you're reading this Alex - we missed you!) and we went for a little meal out to Frankie and Benny's - I say little but three courses later it was actually a pretty big meal. It was great to catch up and see them all!

L-R: Robyn, Myself, Abi, Bridie, Alice

So that's it, another month gone, and another favourites done. I can't believe it's basically December already and in another month's time it'll be a whole new year! Time flies....

Love Hannah x

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