A day out at Southwold Beach

I've not been on holiday with my Mum and Dad for quite a while, and to be honest I wasn't really meant to be going away this time, because I should have been at Uni, but thanks to the Stroke I managed to get myself a free holiday (well, free for me, Dad paid!).

We went to Suffolk for a long weekend and spent a day at Southwold. It's a really cute place, and for October the weather was actually really nice, so it was really busy.

We started off by flying my kite (This is on my '100 things to do this year' list, and I've done a post on it here if you'd like to read it).

We then headed down the walkway towards the pier and had a nosey at all the beach huts...

Southwold Pier is really pretty, and wasn't like any other I'd seen. It had a little café, some lovely gift shops and a little clock tower that worked because of the water. Here's a couple of pictures:


After a lot of walking about it was time to head back to the hotel as I was pretty tired, but not before I wasted far to much money on the slot machines and teddy grabber games at the arcade (before you ask, I didn't win a teddy, I never do....)

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Hannah x

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