Monthly Favourites | September 2014


The Soap and Glory Super Volume Thick and Fast Mascara is the first Soap and Glory make up product I’d tried. When I’d looked online I saw some mixed reviews on it, so wasn’t sure whether or not to get it, but, I got given it in a Soap and Glory set, and this mascara did not disappoint! I think it’s great! It’s meant to give ‘super volume’ and even though I’m not sure what the difference between this and ‘volume’ is, I think it definitely makes my lashes look longer. It coats my top and bottom lashes really well, and doesn’t flake throughout the day. Because it lasts so well, I tend to wear it on days where I won’t be topping it up and want it to go from day to night.
The perfect nude lipstick. I wear it all the time. It’s got great staying power and is really moisturising on your lips. It’s really annoying when you have a drink and see more of your lipstick has gone onto the cup than stayed on your lips, however this isn’t like that at all. It doesn’t really transfer and I can eat and drink freely without worrying about whether it’s smudged or disappeared completely. It smells great, can’t describe what it smells of but whatever it is is great. It isn’t sticky on your lips and doesn’t have a horrible taste. It comes in a crayon like packaging making it really easy to apply, and build to suit the strength of colour you want.
I have this in the shade nudist and would definitely purchase another colour.
Throughout the month of September I have rediscovered my love of biscuits! How I ever lost it is beyond me, but I haven’t really sat down and had a cuppa with a couple of biscuits much this year at all until September came. I think when it started getting darker earlier at night, I kind of thought onesie weather was back and that comes with hot chocolates and biscuits. Gone back to my all time favourite, the classic digestive, but I’ve also been having a few Jammy Dodgers, a complete throwback to my childhood!
I love a good scented candle, but I’m definitely more of a fan during Autumn/Winter than I am in warmer weather. I bought a couple of cheap candles from Asda last year for a few pounds each and hardly burnt them but this month I’ve lit one in my room every single day and absolutely love them. They were only cheap and the smell isn’t as strong as I would like it too be, however for the price I can’t complain. I’ve become addicted to burning them, and my room just doesn’t look right without them glowing in the corner.
I really like this book. I couldn’t put it down. Even though I was desperate to find out how it ended I was kind of gutted when it did. I also felt like there was soooo many unanswered questions I really wanted to read more. The book is about two teenagers, Eleanor and Park (the book title’s imaginative, right?) and its told from both their individual points of view. It’s almost as it the same event is happening twice, but they both think of it differently so often, it tells the reader what’s going on inside their heads, when they don’t know what the other is thinking. It’s about first love, heartbreak, friendship, family loyalties and individual challenges and all within 329 pages.  
So that’s it, my first favourites post over. I had no idea what I was going to choose but liked thinking back. September went so quickly, can’t believe it’s already October, it’ll soon be Christmas and then a whole new year. Wow. Time flies! Anyway, back to September, that’s what I was loving. If anyone reads this I’ll do another at the end of October.
Hope you had a good September!
Hannah x


  1. I have the Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker (v.rude!) lip gloss and didn't get on well with it because of the plumping agent in it as it made your lips tingle constantly - does the gloss stick have the same effect? I really loved the colour but couldn't get on with the tingles!

    1. I had the Sexy Mother Pucker too....I'm yet to work out whether it actually plumps my lips or just really stings! The gloss stick doesn't have anything like that. It isn't sticky either, it just glides on and you don't even know you're wearing it!