Review | No7 Match Made Lipstick Service

I'd never tried No7 make up until last year when the Foundation Colour match service started. They matched me to Cool Vanilla (the second palest shade). I wore it for a while and felt like it was a little bit dark for me so it got pushed to the back of my make up drawer. I paid about £15 for it, and considering it was meant to be matched to my skin, I was pretty gutted once I'd got home that it looked so much darker than it did in the store lighting. I never really thought I'd go back to the No7 counter....that was until I saw the lipstick match made service advert on the TV.

I hadn't seen anything like this before so thought I'd give it a go. They did my skin match again and it turns out I am now the palest shade....Calico (aka white!). They put a little gadget against the side of your face and it matches you to one of 17 shades.

After this they gave me a little card that showed the perfect lip shades for my skin tone, there were 19 colours to choose from for my skin tone so I was there for a while.

I wanted a colour that could brighten up an Autumnal day so looked at the pink/plum tones and went for 'Cranberry Kiss 180'. It has the 'Moisture Drench' formula, which is designed to keep lips 'smooth and soft'. It is mega moisturising and feels great on my lips. It isn't sticky at all and applies really well. I apply it with a brush as I feel the colour is a bit too full on for me if I was to apply it straight to my lips, so this way I can build it to get the perfect strength.

Cranberry Kiss 180
I'm definitely thinking of going back and getting a copper shade, possibly in the 'Stay Perfect' formula, which claims to last for up to six hours, as I think this would be great leading up to Christmas! (Sorry...I said Christmas, is it too early for that?)

If you're wondering whether or not to get it done, I'd say go for it. The service is completely free, except from the price of the lipstick if you choose to buy one (which they do their very best to convince you!)

The lipsticks are available at £9.95 each.

See you soon

Hannah x

P.S In the very unlikely event that the lady who helped me in the my local store is ever reading this....thanks muchly for all your help.

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