What's in my handbag?

At the moment I'm using a £9, black, Primark bag as my everyday handbag. I only bought it recently and wondered if I'd get much use out of it but I'm using it almost everyday! It's only Primark so isn't the best quality in the world but I liked it for it's very adjustable straps, and insane amount of pockets. It's also pretty big, and if you keep reading you will see why I need a big bag....

Right then, what is actually in my bag?

The pouch I keep my tablets in was a couple of pounds from ASOS earlier in the year. Since I started taking more regular medication, I was fed up of shoving pill boxes in my bag and having to search for them so now I can put what I need in one place - without it looking like I'm carrying a pharmacy!

I love, love, love my sunnies! The weather is definitely not sunglasses weather right now but I carry them just because I'm hopeful. They were a few euros from a street stall on my holiday earlier in the year and I love them. I was worried they'd break quickly but they're pretty sturdy. The case was £3 from Primark, and it's material is waterproof, which is why I got it because I thought it'd be great for my beach bag. I think these might be my favourite sunglasses, they're so lightweight, I love them! (Have I mentioned I love them?!)

My purse was £5 from Primark. It's filled with receipts, out of date vouchers and very little money. I shall say no more on that matter...

I have a chewing gum pot because when I had the little packets I kept losing them. I much prefer having this as I hardly ever need to buy another one as they seem to go on forever - the only problem is when there is only a few left it begins to sound like a rattle in the bottom of my bag.

I get the same diary every year from Wilko's. I buy it because it has a built in notebook which saves me carrying a separate one. It's £4/£5 I think, and great value for money.

I always carry a snack because I'm always hungry - I'm not even exaggerating. On a really busy day, you may never know when your next opportunity for food is so I always have a little snack (sometimes healthy, most probably not!) tucked away in my bag.

The above picture shows a stack of hair related items. My hair is very unpredictable in the bad weather, and the rain and wind can make it look like a bit of a birds nest. I have an ever growing collection of beanie hats so always carry one with me so that if my hair gets all messy, I can just pop one on and forget about it. 

I carry these when I'm travelling so I don't get bored. I've downloaded a stack of books onto my tablet, and have read hardly any of them because I get a headache when I read and travel, but I'll get through them eventually. My headphones were a cheap, urgent buy when my other ones broke - and these have broke to, but will do for the time being. (Note to Self: Add buy headphones to your to do list).

My mirror was my Mum's, she leant it to me a few months ago and I took it on as my own and haven't given it back. The glasp was broken when she gave me it and I haven't done any further damage so mum if you are reading this, mine are safer hands than yours! I'm not one of those people that carries all the make up they're wearing around with them every single day. I tend to carry my concealer, the lipstick I put on in the morning (commonly this soap and glory one) and a mascara. I'm wearing this one a lot at the moment as I have it in Brown/Black and find it very Autumnal!

Well then, that's all that is in my handbag. You can probably tell why I need a big handbag now I've gone through all the stuff I put in it.

Hope you've enjoyed this post.

Hannah x

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