My 100 things | #12 Fly a Kite on the beach

I haven't done this for years. I had a kite when I was really little and was heartbroken when it broke whilst I was on holiday with my parents. So, my Dad took me to a little shop and I bought a brand new kite. I have so many memories of using this kite when I was younger, but for quite a while now it's been packed away in its box in the garden shed.

I've just been away to Suffolk (South East of England) with my Mum and Dad, so took my kite with me so I could cross off something on my list. (If you have no idea what I'm on about with my list of 100 things to do this year, click here to go to my first blog post where I explain it all!)

We went to Southwold, and I found a tiny quiet patch of sand to fly my's a couple of pictures:

This was a proper throwback to my childhood and one of the simplest things on my list but fun nonetheless.

This has been my first blog post about any of the items on my to do list. Pretty short but hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks for reading!

Hannah x

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