Fitness Friday: Week Four


Week three of training was absolutely useless. My last fitness Friday was a babble of nonsense about how ill I was feeling and how little running I had been doing. I've had to try to get back on it this week.

I would usually run on a Saturday but because I was out of action all this week I had a lot of jobs to do so didn't get the chance and I still wasn't feeling 100% so decided to give it a miss.

On Tuesday I went out for my first run in a week and set myself a goal of one mile to do. I did it, and I ran it all in one of my best times so I was super pleased. It kind of made me realise that I am actually starting to keep up a good pace, and my ankles are so much better than they were a month ago so my body is actually beginning to be good at running - OK, maybe not good, but it's beginning to accept it!

Wednesday was my big weekly run with Bridie and we went 3.61 miles. This is the furthest we've gone, the longest we've run for and the most calories we've burnt (we aren't doing it for that but I am seeing a change in my weight). My legs and ankles are beginning to hold out, but we have realised that now we are going further we need to properly warm up - I do a few stretches but nothing all that great!

Evidence that we do actually run!
I had planned to run this morning (Friday) but my day is just going to be too busy. I won't be able to run this weekend because I'm going to London (they'll be a lot of London related posts coming up soon!) so the next time I'll get the chance will probably be on Tuesday - hopefully the few days without running won't have affected me too much.

Do anyone have any advice on the best way to warm up? At the moment I'm stretching and power walk for about 3 minutes before I start running. And we pause and stretch as we're running - is this a good thing to do?

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