A Lasting Finish Face

In Sunday's monthly favourites I posted about two new discoveries of the month - The Rimmel Lasting Finish Nude Foundation and Lasting Finish Concealer. I thought I'd post about them today in a bit more detail and why they have become firm favourites of mine.

I firstly picked up the Lasting Finish Nude foundation when my Match Perfection ran out. I love my Wake Me Up but feel like it is slightly dark for myself, even though I have the palest shade, and it gives a heavier coverage than I'd like for an everyday foundation. It claims to be a medium coverage and I would say this is right, however you can apply it to give a very light, sheer look or build it up to make a fuller coverage. I've also noticed this applies really well with both a brush and my fingers. It claims to last 25hours - who actually wears their make up for this long? Nobody. In the twelve hours I might where it for, it does last, it doesn't slide and I like the fact it has a higher SPF than the other two - SPF 20. This is really good for a foundation, it's hydrating, refreshing and doesn't make my face feel tight.

Now this post is all about the Lasting Finish Face. That's because I've been wearing this foundation alongside the Lasting Finish Concealer. This is solid concealer as appose to the liquid, creamy concealers I've always used before. I apply my concealer with a brush however it's really difficult to do that with one. It's solid form in the pot means a brush picks up very minimal product and the way it's currently working best is using my fingers. I don't use it on my imperfections and spots - although it covers them I find it quite drying throughout the day and I feel like as time goes on it begins to settle and make my spots more obvious. However this is fantastic for dark circles under my eyes. It covers up the blue undertones perfectly and blends effortlessly into my foundation. Rimmel claims it lasts all day - and it does.

I have both of these products in 010 Light Porcelain and feel they are the best skin match for me and out of all the concealers and foundations I own (my collection is quite large)!
Would I recommend buying these products? The foundation - without a doubt. Aside from the minimal range of shades, I would say that this would suit a lot of people. The concealer - if you're looking for it to cover spots like it says it does, I wouldn't really recommend it, however for dark circles it's a winner!
Can anyone get this concealer to work with a brush? Are you a fan of them, or am I missing out on something else?

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