The Nude Polish you need!

I'm a sucker for a good nail polish. I have an unnecessary amount, yet I'm guilty of adding to it at a far to often opportunity. Having said that I haven't bought one for a while, despite adding newbies to my collection. A recent addition was given to me by a friend at work after she received it in her GlossyBox. She has acrylics applied, so never usually uses polish - lucky for me, she very kindly decided to pass it on. Introducing the Ciate Pocket Money Nude Polish.

When I go for a nude polish I like it to be on the pinkier side than the whiter side -  I feel it's more flattering for me because I'm so pale. When I first saw this I fell in love. Coincidentally I was wearing a gel polish at the time that was almost an indentical polish. I had my gels on for about four weeks and although Ithey loved the results they haven't been great for my nails. I applied this polish straight after I'd removed my gels, and it applied so evenly and so softly it left my nails feeling really smooth even though they were peeling and flaking underneath.

Let's talk about the appearance of the Ciate Paint Pots - that in itself is a cute name! I love them. You can tell as much effort is put into the design and shape of the bottle, as there is into the rest of the product. These polishes retail at £9 per pot, and I think a lot of the cost is for the uniqueness of the pot - the shape and bow are both very unique things that add to the Ciate Brand.

The formula is slightly runny for what I would usually go for. Because I find this runny and thin, I have to apply three coats to get the finish I want. Also because it is very wet, be sure to wipe some off the brush, or far to much will drop on your nail and it'll run everyhere (talking from experience!). It's a very quick drying formula, so quick that you have to apply evenly or it can begin to drag (does that makes sense? I hope so!). However, it is very glossy, so it wouldn't need a top coat to add gloss - I still apply one just to try to get it to last a bit longer.

Now onto the colour - my favourite thing about this product. I don't have any nudes like this although I really love it so I don't know why my oversized polish collection doesn't have something similar. The shade is called pocket money - great name, and this colour goes with everything! Seriously, the most lovely colour ever. So wearable, lovely for summer, and just all around fantastic.

As I said earlier these are £9 a pot, and although I love it I would only be willing to pay that price for colours that I could wear really often and that would go with everything - like Pocket Money, Cookies and Cream (a light pink), Carousal (glossy gold), and Wanderlust (pale lilac). However right now on ASOS, some are on sale so I would recommend checking those out - I will be!

So I've called this post 'The Nude Polish you need' and despite the formula having it advantages and disadvantages, I would say that it is the PERFECT nude! Perfect! I'm in love with the colour - and for that reason, this is becoming a staple polish in my box!
Anyone got any other polishes I should try that are a similar colour to this one?
See you Tuesday!


  1. now there is a color that I would actually enjoy! Any idea if it is available in the US?

    1. Hi, I'm not sure if it's available in the US but ASOS ship to the US and it's available on there :) Thanks for commenting!

  2. I love Ciate!! I have a color a little lighter than that one and it has a matte finish to it. It's my favorite!

    1. I'd love to pick up some matt ones!