Fitness Friday: Week Seven/Fitness Clothing Haul Part 1

This week has been one of those weeks where a lot seems to have happened but I don't have much to talk about. I'm not sure how this update is going to go, so I'm going to combine it with a fitness clothing Haul. Keep reading to see that but let me update you first.

Sunday morning I went out for a run and did 1.5 miles. This was about half of what I was aiming to do, but it was still a bad week for my hayfever and I was really beginning to struggle so I decided to cut my route short and get back home.  I'm really hoping on race day my hayfever isn't that bad or it's going to make the whole thing even harder.

I would usually run on a Tuesday morning but I knew I was going to have a super busy, long, tiring day at work so I decided to give it a miss. Talking of work, I've put my sponsorship form on the counter (I work in a newsagents for those of you wondering) and I've received so much support, sponsorship and just general well wishes, it's been really lovely.

I've become used to doing two short runs, and one big run each week. My biggest run is usually with my running buddy Bridie, but this week she's had a very busy week at work, and we weren't able to get out for a run together. So, I decided I would still try to complete one big run. My mum dropped me off in the next village and I ran home. It wasn't as far as I thought, so I ran in and out of the houses a bit to add a bit of distance and ended up running 4.24 miles! Just two miles to go before I'll be running that 10K!!! Shoutout to my Mum, who thought I would be coming straight home after she dropped me off, on a direct route, and drove around the village to check I hadn't collapsed when I was longer than planned!

Other than that there has been very little in terms of running and fitness shinanagans. So I thought considering today's post would be quite short, and I imagine quite boring for you that I would add a little bit of a fitness clothing haul onto the end. I'm going to do it in two parts, the second half of which you will see within the next few weeks - but today I thought I would share what I bought when I first started running, or tried to, all those months ago. In the second I'll show you what I bought when things got more serious!

All of the clothes above are from Matalan. I love their activewear range, it's comfortable, affordable and practical. I originally starting running on cold, dark mornings in the winter months so I bought this really bright top to wear about my black clothing to keep me a bit warmer and make me stand out on the roads. The trainers are the only ones I own and I bought them when I was just getting into running. I didn't want to spend to much so I picked these up for £10-£15 at F&F at Tesco (ironically my running buddy Bridie picked up the same ones in grey)! They are super comfortable and I won't be trading them in for more expensive ones for my race - they are just perfect!
This blue top is from Primark. I'm actually wearing a running crop top underneath that doubles up as a sports bra and is so comfortable - again from Primark. Their running stuff is actually really good quality and I would really recommend checking them out. I picked this up when I was starting to run a bit more often and my other clothes would still be in the wash.
Part two of the clothing haul will come in the next few weeks and will feature some serious competitive running gear including a running arm bad, and cropped leggings (yep - I'm getting the legs out!).
Hope you've enjoyed this fitness Friday post! See you on Sunday for my June Favourites!
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  1. Yay for being so close to your goal Hannah! Sounds like you're doing brilliantly. Just stumbled across your blog myself through UK Bloggers. Will be having a browse later for sure but I think you're doing great! I love the blue running top for the summer, and I love your trainers too! Good luck on reaching your goal. :) - Faye

    1. Thank you :) Yeah it's going well, I'm really pleased although I do need to sort out this little addiction I've got to buying new running gear! x