My 100 Things | #35 Go to London


When I started adding things to my list at the beginning of my gap year I really wanted to visit London. I've been a few times in my life and have fantastic memories of every trip. There's so much to do there, but I always find my trips quite tiring so I thought it would be a little test of my fatigue levels and to see where I'm at right now.

It was the beginning of May and I still hadn't booked any sort of trip. However when we got the chance to go to Capital FM's Summertime Ball, we decided to make more of a weekend of it in London and make the most of our time there!

Saturday was pretty much just travelling and then the Summertime Ball. I did a whole post on our time there on Tuesday, so I won't really go into it too much, but we had a fantastic time and would definitely do it again. However dancing and standing up for over nine hours doesn't result in the most pain free of feet, and we were in agony. We went to bed that night with the intention of getting up at 8:30am, so we could make the most of our day in London.

The fire alarm went off at 7am! 7AM! We woke up very dazed, I thought Robyn had the worlds loudest alarm, and then I saw the alarm flashing, and thought we were going to burn to death. We grabbed our phones (obviously so important looking back on it), cardigans, and shoved on our shoes. We followed everyone down to the foyer, with us staying in London there were a lot of different guests in the hotel who spoke very different languages, so the conversations about what was going wrong were quite funny! Anyway, turns out it wasn't a test, but it wasn't that bad and we weren't all going to burn to death as I first thought! It was all good! We decided that now we were awake we would get up and make even more of the day than we'd planned to.

We only had a few hours in London so decided to take an open top bus tour. The weather was glorious and we wanted to see as much as we could. We headed to Trafalgar Square, hopped on the bus, and travelled around all morning! Really glad we did this as we couldn't possibly have walked all day and kept going! Looking back on it I would have been so tired if we had of walked in the morning that I would have had to head back to the train station in the afternoon and waited for a couple of hours so what we did worked out well!

In the afternoon we got some food at Bella Italia at Covent Garden. I had a tomato and basil pasta with goats cheese and it was absolutely delicious! I finished off with the Lemoncello Meringue Pie for dessert (because even though I'm training for 10K you always have to have pudding)! Oh my goodness, there are no words to describe how good it was (so good, I forgot to take a picture - bad blogger. Sorry)! 

We then took a trip round Covent Garden. There was a man performing some operatic singing, and we stood on the balcony for a couple of minutes and watched. He was walking around with a rose in his hand and threw it up to the balcony for me to catch! Luckily, I caught it, or it would have been very embarrassing - no joke, 100 people were watching. We'd been to M&M world that morning, and myself and Alex took the mickey out of Robyn because she bought this huge shopping bag with no use for it. Well, we had to eat our words because we put all our shopping in it from the rest of the day - it also became home to Mr.Rose! He'd gone very limp and was kind of on his last legs, so I decided to stick him in some water when I got home, and he really perked up. Two weeks later and he is still going strong - it's a miracle!

We then went to Oxford Street, did a bit of shopping, had a cup of coffee, and headed back to the train station!

Had such a fantastic weekend, think we're thinking of heading back again soon and maybe see a show - I have some more London related things to tick of my list that I didn't get a chance to do ! Also, I would strongly recommend Bella Italia, if you like Italian and haven't been before I'd say give it a try. Very nice indeed!

See you again next time!

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