My 100 Things | An Update: Part 2

On Tuesday I gave you part one of My 100 Things Update, I promised part two would follow today and here it is! It features a whole variety of achievements and fails that complete my 100 things list! Enjoy!

#37 Eat in a dark restaurant

I've said before how I was told this existed but couldn't find one and I've spent the whole year trying to track one down but haven't been able to....for the failure of this one I blame miscommunication.

#38 Build a fort out of sheets

This was one for a throwback to my childhood - I haven't had chance to do it though.

#39 Drink no coffee for one month

I haven't done this. I did it once a few years ago and really struggled with it and I felt like I've kept putting it off all year because I know how hard it was last time. However, I have cut my intake down, I try to limit myself to three cups a day, and I have increased my water intake to rehydrate me after the dehydrating coffee.

#42 Write a letter to my future self

This is something I've done but something I don't want to post. I feel like in a few years time, after my degree, it's something I'll be able to look back on, and if this blog it still going I might post it then.

#46 Travel the country visiting friends at their Uni's

I've been all over the place. Sheffield, Oxford, Lancaster....thanks to all my lovely friends for having me and showing me around some very pretty places.

#47 Do some volunteering

I haven't volunteered in the usual sense of the word, I haven't helped out of groups or events. However, I have started to tell my story of being a young stroke survivor for the Stroke Association to use as a positive thing. Last week I spoke at a Royal Mail event to spur their employees on to raise money for the Stroke Association.

#48 Learn to Knit

I'm wanting to make a baby's cardigan, however I am currently only seeing a misshapen square with a few unintentional holes in it. Learning to knit is much harder than I thought it would be.

#50 Go to a designer outlet, and buy something designer

I bought a Kath Kidston bag and oven mitt (planning for uni back in October last year) and bought my friend an oven glove as well (packing her off for uni also!) - could have been something ''more'' designer but that would have come with a higher price tag!

#52 Get an Autograph


#53 Write my name with sparklers

I missed the bonfire night boat for buying sparklers and you just can't get hold of them at any other time

#59 Write a letter to Pre-Stroke Hannah

This has been much harder than I ever thought it would be. I just don't know what to say, I wanted it to give warning, but a stroke comes without warning, and it just seems kind of wrong...I've got many drafts for this one, but nothing seems right. Why is it so hard?

#61 Be on the Radio

A few days before my run I talked to BBC radio York about it all and fundraising and all what the stroke association had done for me. It was an incredible experience and even though I was very, very nervous I was told it didn't come across. I'm glad I got the opportunity to do this

#62 See a Theatre Show

I headed to London a couple of weeks ago with a few friends and we saw The Commitments. It was really good actually, we got some £10 tickets on and although we were very high up, it was still a really good show. The first half was much slower than the second, but they were incredible singers and the music and storyline was great.

I have loved all these little challenges throughout the year. They've given me the push to do more when I'm not at work than sit on the sofa and watch Jeremy Kyle. I'm a couple of days into university now and I'm looking forward to the new challenges that will come up. See you on Tuesday when I talk about what to do on a gap year...when you don't travel (and I don't just list these 100 things haha!)


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  1. Best of luck with Uni [I work on a campus so know what it's like this time of year!]

    I think your list was a great idea to keep yourself motivated in your gap year - I can definitely see why you'd want to start scrapbooking if you're interested in tracking all your interesting experiences!

    If you ever feel like another number related life-documented challenge you're welcome to join in with 'My Month in Numbers' - it's a monthly link-up feature on my blog where you basically summaris your month ... in numbers! There's lots more details here if you're interested: