Eleven things I learnt in my first week at University

I am very pleased to say I have survived my first week at University! I am yet to catch fresher's flu, yet to give myself food poisoning and yet to set the kitchen on fire...I'm pretty good right now. There are some things however, I have learnt in my first week at Uni that I either just didn't think of or knew but took no notice of...here they are!

1) Jacket Potatoes take longer then 15 minutes to cook

2) Food won't cook itself, turn the oven on

3) Measure the pasta out or there will be a lot to throw away

4) Go to Tesco late at night and all the deals are there!

5) Things freeze - if it's about to go out of date, just freeze it

6) Others will be homesick to, they just might not say it

7) Don't guess with the hot chocolate, use a teaspoon or there will be too much and it will be as thick as concrete

8) Wine and Vodka do not mix

9) There will be many discussions about the whole bread/bap/barm/cob/bread cake debate

10) Just because someone is on the same course as you, do not mean you will be in anyway similar

11) Time is something that will help this whole thing easier
See you next time!

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