September Scrapbooking: Tips for scrapbooking from a beginner

I've recently started scrapbooking and I've already started to pick up a few bits of knowledge I wish I'd known sooner so I thought I'd share them with you today. Some of them may seem obvious, even though I knew I shouldn't buy out Hobbycraft I didn't listen to myself, so I thought I'd share a few things with you today!

ONE: Collect things as you go along. Little scraps of paper, ribbon off presents, tissue paper, tickets, wristbands, napkins, cards, labels. All of these will come in useful when you're documenting certain events.

TWO: Buy things in the sale. I've never bought things from abroad however I know that is where things are cheaper, but I'm one for wanting to buy things in person, and enjoys looking at them in person rather than just on a computer screen. Picking things up in the sale is something I'm a fan of or from discount stores like TKMaxx (I've got some really good bargains from there). You might not need those Washi Tape now but it's good to stock up when they're cheaper rather than buying them at full price when your supplies are low.

THREE: Buy a variety of things. A few papers, a few cards, a few embellishments. Depending on what type of scrapbooking you wish to do, will influence the types of products you buy. Its good to get a variety to start with so that you don't get stuck in your way with one type of product.

FOUR: Don't buy too much. I did not stick to this rule and went a bit OTT on cardstock. But if you're not completely convinced about scrapbooking, don't know how if it will work for you and don't know if you'll see it through, then it's not good spending a load of money for it too only sit under your bed in a forgotten box.

FIVE: Print the pictures you'll want to use and not your entire camera roll. Printing good quality pictures for your scrapbook isn't cheap, so don't print ones you have no intention of using. Sometimes home printing can be a bit expensive, sometimes more expensive then going to somewhere like Boots or SnapFish so decide carefully. There's sometimes offers or cheaper deals if you print more at once so look around.

I'm going to start a bit of a scrapbooking series. Hopefully at the end of every month, I'll post what I've been scrapbooking that month, any new purchases, what things are looking like - I've not long started so there's not much to report right now so this is going to be September's post! Fingers crossed uni and life don't get in the way too much and I'll be able to keep up the blogging and the scrapbooking.



  1. Hi Hannah. As someone who's been scrapbooking for over 10 years I can say those tips are great! Especially about not buying too much before you know what you really like! It'll only hang around and stare at you making you feel guilty for not using it!!

    I've always combined other paper ephemera into my scrapbooking [eg. tickets, sheet music, pages and images from old books] and tend to make more scrappy type journals now. There's so much creative scope for documenting your days! Enjoy - it's a great hobby!!

    Julie :-)

    1. Wow, hope I'll be able to keep it up for ten years! Thanks, be sure to come back at the end of each month when I'm going to try keep posting about it all! x