My 100 Things | #36 Climb the Covent Garden Tube Steps

I was going to post my August Favourites today, but as I sat down to write them, I realised just how fast August had gone by, and just how little I'd took note of things I'd been loving. So instead I decided to write about something I ticked of my 100 things list just a few days ago at the very end of August! Here is why I wanted to climb the Covent Garden Tube steps and what happened!

I remember visiting London when I was younger and getting off the Tube at Covent Garden to be presented with a lift that would take us to ground level - no escalator. That's because the tube stop is so far under ground there was not enough space for an escalator although there was a spiral staircase. When writing out my list I wanted a mixture of challenges for myself post stroke and just fun activites. This one was definitely a challenge - when writing it out I remember knowing how hard I was struggling at the time with stairs at home, so climbing 193 was something that seemed so far away.

When I went to Capital's Summertime Ball in June we had a day in London afterwards and attempted to tick this one off my list, however, the station was shut and you could only get off the tube there if you came in from a certain direction...we were going the other way. So we didn't have chance to tick it off. Not ones to be defeated we booked another trip and last weekend went to London with the aim of doing two things, a) climbing the steps, and b) seeing The Commitments at the Theatre.

Last weekend were managed to get the right tube and hopped off at Covent Garden. The four of us that went were four of about ten people that got off the tube when we did that chose to take the stairs and not the lift. I was definitely reassured when we started climbing and there was a giant sign that said, ''only take the stairs in an emergency''...we started walking.

I was actually surprised there were only 193, we all thought there were more, and the countdown as to how many were left as we went up definitely kept us going. It was over and done with before I realised.

A year ago, it would have been a big struggle. That's why I wanted to do it, I like setting myself a challenge! I really enjoyed it, it's something I can say I've done, and for some people it may not be a big thing but for myself, this is a big accomplishment!

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