My 100 Things | An Update: Part 1

Over the past year I've been blogging all about all sorts of things. In amongst the beauty posts, cake recipes, and rambles about what I've been wearing, I've been posting all about the challenges I set myself at the beginning of my gap year. Well today I'm moving into Uni, and this marks the end of my gap year. My intention has always been that I would only try to complete those challenges during my time out - so here is a post to update you on all that has gone on.

#4 Start a blog

Probably the most successful of all my goals. I'm not far from reaching 20, 000 views and considering I only ever wanted to reach 1000, I am beyond happy with this. Blogging three times a week has helped my language and writing skills, helped me practice working to deadlines, helped me organise my short it has helped me so much and much more than I could ever have imagined. I'm going to try to continue blogging when I'm at Uni. It might drop to once a week but hopefully I'll be able to carry on.

#10 Do the Chubby Bunny Challenge

I have done this, and it is filmed and was ready to upload until a massive print went over the top of it. I will try to upload the footage at some point, but in the meantime I will tell you that Abi and myself endured a lot of laughter to make that video, and if I don't see another marshmallow again it won't be missed!

#15 Release a Paper Lantern

I was going to purchase these for my dinner party but then I realised just how huge they were and that setting them off in my back garden where there are many low trees was probably not the safest environment.

#16 Buy a Krispy Kreme twelve pack

I will be doing this soon....maybe I'll get on the good side of my new flat mates by buying them a treat

#17 Meet someone famous

Mikey North who plays Gary in Coronation street was the DJ in a bar I was in but that's the closest I've got.

#19 Buy a Little Black Dress

Bought a black jumpsuit but not a dress - Half Fail.

#20 Dance in the Rain

I've ran through the rain and done a twirl...sorry there's no photographic evidence

#21 Make Cocktails

I haven't made any, but throughout the year I have drank many.

#23 Make a Smoothie

I've upped my intake of smoothies as they are a healthier choice than coffee - still never made one.

#24 Watch a sunrise/sunset

I went to visit my friend Alex of Cumbria University in Lancaster. We went for a walk and saw the remains of a Sunset and it was a beautiful sight except my phone had died, and I wasn't able to take a picture.

#25 Toast Marshmallows

After the Chubby Bunny Challenge took place this was not going to happen haha.

#27 Sleep Under the Stars

Just haven't had chance to do this one

#29 Have a Caricature done

Hilarious pictures of me and the girls here...

#34 Go to a Car Boot Sale

Time has gone so quickly I've just not got around to doing this

As I've typed this I've realised how many more updates there are too go and how long this blog post would end up being. Part 2 will follow on Sunday - see you then!


  1. Hehehe the Chubby Bunny Challenge! The rest could always be finished at Christmas break? (except maybe leave sleeping under the stars for the Summer, maybe a tad chilly in Winter!) xx

    1. Haha! Good times Abi! Remember to check back on Sunday for the rest! xx