My 100 Things | #2 Sit in the Audience of a TV Show

The order in which things are on my list do not represent anything except the order in which they popped into my mind. Considering this is number two it suggests it's something I thought of pretty soon after I decided to put my list together, and that's because it's something I've wanted to do for a very long time but never had the chance, with being in college all day and living in the middle of nowhere we've never had the time or easily been able to get somewhere....but this year I had a lot of time on my hand's!

It's thanks to my lovely friend Alex that we were able to get tickets to sit in the audience of the X Factor Auditions recording. She applied for three tickets so that Alex, myself and our friend Robyn could go - unfortunately Robyn wasn't able to make it, so my Mum offered to come with us and drive myself and her to Manchester. We met Alex there, got our tickets, went to the Trafford Centre for a coffee and then headed back to the venue to queue. I didn't even know the venue it was at existed, it was like a warehouse that they stuck a TV studio in...very strange!

They were running very, very, very late and considering we were meant to go in at about 8pm, it wasn't till nearly 10pm or something that we got sat down. It was another 30 minutes, maybe longer until Olly Murs and Caroline Flack came out to introduce the Judges.

This was when it got exciting! We were given our tickets completely at random and managed to get three seats next to the pathway where the judges would walk in. I managed to shake Simon Cowell's hand and hi-five Rita Ora! My life is made!

This all took place a few weeks ago now but I wanted to hold out posting about it until the X Factor started to air on TV to see if we were in the background on the TV. WE ARE!!!

It's not very clear, and very, very brief, but I am there...thank goodness we could pause the TV otherwise we'd have missed my big moment!

We saw some really good auditions and a couple of, let's say interesting auditions. Anyone see Techno Susan on episode one? Yep, our eyes are scarred from seeing her in real life!

See you next time!

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