18 things I've learnt in my 18th year!

I turn 19 tomorrow (woo yeah!) and I thought I would take a look back at the past year and come up with 18 things I've learnt in my 18th year of existence.

1) Say yes. All the time. Just say yes. You'll have so many more opportunities if you do! 

2) Don't compare yourself to other people. It's not good for you. You aren't them, you shouldn't try to be the same as them.

3) If you want it, and you have the money to buy it, buy it. Because if you don't you will only spend the next days, and weeks, thinking you should have bought it. Oh, and always buy the gig tickets - you'll never fail to have a good time.

4) Hard work pays off - it actually does. You get out what you put in, and even if it doesn't seem like it's paying off at the time, in the long run, you'll get what you deserve.

5) Make an effort - whether it be to see people, do something new, or go somewhere, make an effort to do it because you might not get the chance again.

6) Enjoy people's company. Don't rush to get out the door when you're spending time with someone...Jeremy Kyle isn't leaving the repeat channel anytime soon, you're friends might be busy next time.

7) Take pictures and treasure memories. Both go hand in hand, hours scrolling back though your pictures, are not wasted hours.

8) The journey can sometimes be just as good as the destination. Not always, but a lot of the time. The moment you step out your front door, an adventure begins.

9) Don't judge people. You don't know their story until you get to know them, and they don't know yours.

10) Getting drunk won't solve any problems...it will only create them

11) Having said point 10 - do let your hair down, and enjoy having a good time, there will be consequences, but you can always think about those later, right?

12) Whatever is happening in your life, there will always be a song lyric that fits perfectly. Drown your sorrows in chocolate and music...this will only make the situation better.

13) Travel. Whether it be the country or the world - there is a lot to see out of the North of England!

14) Stop caring what other people think about you. If you do something stupid, your friends will find it funny...and who cares what the rest of them think.

15) When you think things can't get any worse...they probably will. But at some point they will get better. The tunnel may be a long one but at some point there will be a light at the end of it.

16) Wear suncream. You are as white as a ghost and no matter what you tell yourself - you will burn every time the sun appears.

17) Take your make up off every night. Or you will wake up with your mascara acting as glue between your eyelashes, and lipstick all over your pillow.

18) Life goes on. Cliché but true.

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