Removing that Stubborn Glitter Nail Varnish!

We've all been there, scrubbing away at our nails for hours on end, and vowing never to touch the glitter pot ever again. But no matter how hard it is to remove, something makes me go back for more, and the festive season may well and truly be over (where has February appeared from?!) but I'm not prepared to put the glitter to the back of the draw yet. So here is what I do to remove that pesky stubborn glitter in a relatively pain free manor...

What to do:
1) Tear the foil into strips so you have 10 pieces

2) Pull small pieces of the cotton pad away so you end up with 10 small pieces of fine cotton pad (you could also do this with cotton wool balls)

3) Soak the fine pieces of cotton wool in the nail varnish remover (I pour a bit into the lid and then dip them into's much easier, and reduces the chances of a huge nail varnish removed spillage!)

4) Place the cotton wool onto the nail to cover the entire nail


5) Wrap your nail in foil

6) Repeat steps 3-5 for all of your nails and leave for about 5 minutes - read a magazine to pass the time as it's practically impossible to do much else while your nails are wrapped in foil!

7) Slide the foil wrap and cotton piece off the nail. If glitter is removed, great, if not put it back on for a couple more minutes.

8) Remove any remainder with a quick wipe of nail varnish remover like you usually would!

9) Wash your hands and apply your favourite hand cream.

Hope this has helped if you have the glitter struggles like I used to do. I'm looking to add a nail strengthener to this routine, as continual removal of nail polish has really weakened my nails, and my Soap and Glory Hand Food is only doing so much to help.
Any recommendations?

P.S Apologies that the pictures are in black and white. I took them in terrible lighting, and black and white, despite not looking great, looked better than they did before...See you on Friday :)

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