My 100 Things | #6 Visit a Spa

A bit of girly pampering time is something we all need every once in a while. I decided I'd put the DIY face mask to one side, and stop the bath tap, and go to a real life actual spa, where you are actually real life pampered. Well, I say I decided to go but actually I just added it to my list with the intention of getting around to it at some point this year. My bezzie mate Robyn may have seen this and took inspiration for my birthday present, or she may have just wanted to spoil herself and thought my birthday would be the perfect opportunity, anyway, this weekend we went to a Spa...
Also I'll just add, if you're looking forward to seeing some very relaxing looking photos and pictures of us covered in clay face masks you'll be very disappointed. It was just one of those zen kind of places, where I couldn't really get any opportunity to take a picture, but I will try to explain it the best I can. You might need a good imagination....

I had no idea where we were going. I only found out we were going to spa a couple of weeks ago, and until the night before I hadn't a clue what I needed to take with me, or what time we were going. Turns out we had an early start and Robyn picked me up at 8:15am. She told me we were heading to 'Forest Pines Hotel and Golf and Leisure Resort' (ooooh, very posh!)

We spent the whole morning relaxing in the steam room, sauna, hot tub and pool. We then went for some very lovely lunch (there wasn't much but healthy foods on the menu) and I went with the Chicken Caesar Salad, and then a Tuna and Cheddar Cheese Melt Panini. Here are a couple of pictures...

Then went to have our facials! I'm having a major bad skin week at the moment so it was just what my face needed. They looked at your skin type and used products that suited it best, and I left with my skin feeling refreshed and very clean and smooth. They also used a hair mask treatment in the roots of my hair around my hairline. This was just weird. They gave a head massage, and rubbed this thick product in. At the time my hair felt really clogged up, but the next day I woke up and it did feel silkier. They didn't tell me the names of anything they used though but I wish I'd asked because my skin really did feel great.

On a side note, we did have to fill in a medical questionnaire beforehand, and there were quite a few questions - tick box type questions. Needless to say I ticked quite a few boxes, although what having a stroke has to do with having a facial is beyond me.

Anyway, we headed home later in the day, having sufficiently been calmed and zenned! We went into this relaxation area at one point, that had beanbags, and orange ambient lighting - felt like I needed to meditate!

I had a brilliant time! Thank you so much to Robyn for taking me, it was a fantastic birthday present and now the pressure is on to come up with an idea just as good for her's - especially considering I still haven't got her anything for Christmas! Oops!

See you on Tuesday!

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