13 Problems only Ginger girls will understand.

I have naturally bright ginger hair - it can come in very useful, I'm easily spotted on a giant group photograph (actually don't know it this is a good or bad thing), never have to worry about the dye running out, and can be picked out from a mile away in crowd. But there are also some things us red heads go through in life that only other red heads will understand!

1. The 'do you have a soul?' joke is getting very old!

2. Finding a patch of shade whilst your friends lie in the sun is never a fun task.

3. Talking of tanning, can any of us actually come back from a 30 degree climate with a tan?

4. Let's hope there's never a day where it becomes the law to wear orange - we'll all commit a fashion crime.

5. You get sunburnt even though you're covered in an inch deep layer of Factor 50! (The sun in general is a big problem!)

6. 'Is that natural?' Is a question you regularly face.

7. 'What beautiful hair!' Is a comment you politely accept when that great Aunt see's you for the first time in years.

8. 'Who did you get that from?' A question asked by the distant family members as if it's a disease.

9. You get compared to good old Mr. Carrot often.

10. Everytime you mention dying your hair, your mother disowns you.

11. Finding a product to match your eyebrows is an impossible task.

12. The whole 'because you're ginger' comeback is equally as old as the soul jokes.

13. When ginger hairs end up everywhere and people can trace your exact movements that can't be passed off as somebody else's.

A short, different hopefully funny post for today. Any red headed girls out there that are feeling my pain? Any more problems you're all picking up on?

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