My 100 Things | #3 Apply for a TV Show

I was petrified about doing this one. It originally started out as be on a TV Show but I couldn't guarantee that that would happen, so instead I thought, if I apply, I'm ticking something off and giving myself the best shot. So, will I be on TV?

If you want the answer now, and want to read no more, then the answer is no. I won't be on TV. Phew! Because the thought of it actually terrifies me now, haha.
I applied for an ITV show called 'Who's doing the Dishes?' way back in March. Last Autumn was the first series of this show, and I remember missing the beginning of an episode because I was late back from a hospital appointment and I just had to watch it on catch up - I became addicted. When I left hospital I spent a lot of time watching daytime TV and this programme was my routine when it came to 4'o'clock in the afternoon.
I saw an advert online for applicants for the new series - oh, for those who don't know, it's a team of four strangers, and they go into celebrities houses, the celebrity cooks them a meal and gives them clues and then the team have to try and guess who the celebrity is. From my extensive magazine reading and TV watching over the past year I felt I would be pretty good at this one.
I felt as soon as I'd sent the application that it was unlikely I was going to get an audition (yep - it's like something you'd expect from the X Factor). I'm not one for bigging myself up, and being really cheesy when I talk about myself. The application needed that - imagine if I'd got any further in the application, I'd have been petrified.
How do I know I haven't got it? They've already started filming and I think it goes out on TV around September time! Now unless I'm going to be a surprise last minute recruit I'm finding it very unlikely that I'll be making my TV debut any time soon.
So, no, I won't be being on TV. But oh well, I can just watch the show from my living room with a cup of coffee and slice of cake. Anyone got any TV stories to share that may be a bit more interesting than mine? Feel free to comment them below.

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