My 100 Things | #56 Take a girls trip away


I was under no illusion after my stroke that the price of travel insurance would be the equivalent cost of paying for all my friends to go on an all inclusive week long break to LA. Therefore when girls holidays were discussed, we decided a staycation was the way to go, and a weekend in Blackpool with my five closest friends would do just the trick.

Last summer, me and the girls had planned to go camping/glamping but when the stroke struck, those plans were off the cards and the campsite was cancelled. Never to be negative for too long, we booked ourselves into a caravan for this year instead and for the past few months have been looking forward to it a lot.

Let me give you a low down on my girls.Abi, the most organised person I know, the one that booked the trip and the driver of car one. She always knows what to say, and when to say it, and seems to be able to take away your worries in a two minute conversation. Alice, the independent one, who loves the outdoors and a packed weekend away was something that would defnitely float her boat. Bridie, the gentlest soul you will ever meet, who is funny, and cracks me up multiple times per day - my room mate for the trip. Robyn, my all time best friend, partner in crime, and right arm. Pretty much think the same thing all the time, and our excitement about this trip was pretty high! And then Alex, the longest story teller ever, who never cuts to the chase, and is always so excited to tell you all what she's been up to, but always wants to listen to your stories as well.

Four of us travelled to Blackpool on Friday afternoon and settled into our caravan before Alex and Robyn were due to arrive later in the evening. They met us at the slot machines where we were throwing away far to much of out money, and we all headed back to the caravan with a tonne of Papa John's pizzas - yummy!

After a late night playing phase 10, we headed out on the Saturday to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. They'll be an entire blog post coming up on that in the next few days, so I won't spoil the story to much but all I'll say is there was a lot of rain, screaming, and ponchos!

Look at us! Windswept, soaking wet, but still smiling!
Saturday night called for a girls night out. It wasn't really Alice's thing, and Abi is wasn't feeling her best (#glutenproblems!) so they decided they'd stop at the caravan, and the rest of us headed out to party the night away. After much mascara and hairspray application, we headed to the first bar and sank a few drinks. The dancefloor called and it was only right to oblige - apologies to Robyn for leaving her with the creepy guy! After that incident we decided to head to a place called Popworld - THE TUNNNESSSSS! The classics... I'm talking the Spice Girls, old school Busted, S Club 7! Such a good night in there, and I would seriously recommend it if you're wanting somewhere to go out in Blackpool!

*Prepare for blurry night out photographs*

After we'd crawled back at 2am, Sunday morning was a very lazy one. But once we'd had a strong coffee and pulled ourselves together we hopped in the car and went out for a pub lunch! After we'd stuffed ourselves we went to a little craft village, via the caravan site because I forgot both my card and money (oops!), and then went to Lytham St Anne's for a couple of hours - well that was the plan, except the traffic was so bad it took us an hour to drive seven miles, so it was a very flying visit!

Robyn had to head off on Sunday night because she had to be home for work on Monday morning, so once we'd packed her up and she was on her way, Alex, Alice and Bridie went swimming while me and Abi cooked them tea (we're lovely like that!) and then it was a night at the arcade again. It was the slot machines that release tickets - the better you do the more tickets you get, so we decided to put our tickets together and claim a prize. Alice started off with nearly 200, and we only had a few so we offered them to her. By the end of the night we'd collected 993 tickets between us - I hope you're enjoying that Rubix Cube Alice, I spent far too much money than I wish to admit to trying to win you tickets for that!

After a night in with a glass of wine and playing cards we started to pack up the caravan ready for home the next day. Having called via a café and the beach, we headed home on Monday afternoon!

I honestly had such a fantastic weekend. Sometimes you don't have to do some amazing things, or travel to some exotic location, good company, and laughter can be much more exciting.

I hope you've enjoyed hearing about our staycation adventures! Come back on Tuesday for that Theme Park post! Oh, and head over to my Instagram to see loads more pictures from the weekend - there's a lot of beach scenery!

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