My 100 Things | #60 Take part in a Pub Quiz

I'm not sure how to describe a pub if you aren't from the UK and don't know what one is, but this post will be all about the quizzes that take part in them. What has ended up being nearly every Tuesday, me and my friends take a trip to the local pub, where the boys drink beer because they think it makes them more manly, and the girls take it in turns to drink the coke because one of us will always be driving. Every two Tuesdays there is a pub quiz, something which we have become highly competitive well are we actually doing?

The first time we went, there were six of us, and we split into two teams of three. My team were average, our other team were useless (I don't think they'll mind me saying that, if they do then they are just kidding themselves because they came last and really were useless). We came 7th out of 12 teams. Not to bad, pretty middle of the road, meant we could improve.

The next time we went we were a team of four, and I felt we stood a much better chance. We did! We came 6th! Small steps guys....small steps. We were better at the anagrams this time, however the questions, we were useless at.

Just as we thought we were getting somewhere, we went again on Tuesday and did shockingly badly in fact I was embarrassed to hear our score read out. There were seven of us this time, two teams, and we came joint last so we can't even say one team did better than the other - we were both terrible! My knowledge of 1980's TV and characters in Dispicable Me needs improvement. 

We just don't know enough. Even though we are rubbish, I am loving the whole pub quiz thing. We stumbled across it by chance when we went to the pub and saw a sign for one in the next couple of weeks so we thought we'd go back and have a go and since I'm almost addicted. I'm just too competitive, I won't stop until we take the prize - when I come home from Uni, we'll have to go back! Even if my team went without me they'd be rubbish....I'm the best member!

See you next time!

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