My 100 Things | #30 Place a Bet

Following on from the last post about my trip to the races, I thought I'd do a quick little post dedicated to talking about betting. It's only a short one, so it's a bonus Wednesday post! 
A little disclaimer - I do not promote gambling.
On Night one, I bet on seven horses, and only won on one. Bridie and I didn't really have a clue what we were doing. We bet on horses that were never going to win, but we either like the look of the horse, what the jockey was wearing, or we thought they had a cool name.

I kind of took the principle through to the second night, however my Dad was a lot more thought out with the decisions he made, and it showed because he won money, and on both nights I lost money.

I think on night one I lost £10. The horse I won on I only actually bet on because the man in front of me in the queue put £50 on him, so I was like 'well he must be confident, surely it's going to win if you put £50 on it'. And it did. Except I'd only put £2 on it (I don't have £50 to lose) so I only won £4.25. Imagine what that man won! Wow! Bridie said you can see how gambling become addictive and you totally can - you're desperate for a horse you've bet on too win so it's very tempting to put more money on more horses.

The next time I went, the little luck I'd had before didn't stay with me. I bet at least £10 again overall and won about £5 on an each way ticket because my horse came in second (we figured out what each way was the hard way when we thought we were spending £4 and instead spent £8). My Dad however was having a very good night. So good in fact, that his winnings totalled more than we'd spent overall and we profited the extreme amount of £1! One whole pound! I had high hopes on Cloud Monkey though, if only he'd come first then we'd be £20 in profit!

A short post, I know but it's a bonus one, but I hope you've enjoyed it still!

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