My 100 Things | #11 Go to the Races

I live about half an hour away from Doncaster Racecourse and going to the races is always something I've wanted to do. A couple of weeks ago my Dad saw an advert for two free tickets to the races at Doncaster for two different nights. Never one to miss the opportunity for a freebie he applied for both nights, and got tickets. Night one I went with Bridie and night two I went with my Dad.

Having never been to the races, nor ever placed a bet the whole experience was a pretty new one for me and Bridie. I loved the atmosphere, especially when the horses were coming into the final couple of furlongs, and the crowd were shouting and jumping about, it was great. It was very loud though - which is something only a few months ago I would really have struggled with, but I coped OK this time.

This was a casual meeting with regards to the dress code so we could have gone in Jeans, however it was our first time at the races so we wanted to get a little bit dressed up still.

Cardigan - F&F at Tesco. Cami - Next. Skirt - George at Asda. Shoes - H&M. Bag - My Mums.
The next trip I made was with my Dad, and I wore a much more casual outfit, jeans and a blouse. I was really surprised because I know for both nights the dress code was 'no dress code' but some people were very casual - I mean they may as well have gone in their pyjamas.

On both nights I had a lovely time. I love spending time with Bridie, she has me in stitches laughing she is so funny, and then it's not often I get to do things with my Dad so it was good to go with him.

Would I go again? Yes, except next time I'd make sure I bedded in my heels before I went, because these were new and they wrecked my feet! Because I added 'place a bet' to my 100 things list, I wanted to write about that in a seperate post, so tomorrow you'll get a bonus post on a Wednesday, it'll be quite short but it'll tell you how much we won or lost! I'll link it up, here, once it goes up! See you tomorrow!

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