A Little Easter Lush Haul

Here we go again....another Lush Haul! What can I say - I just love that shop! I was just beginning to run out of supplies from my last Lush Haul when I popped into the Edinburgh store whilst I was in Scotland for a week! I only bought a couple of things though because I didn't want my case to smell too much on the way home...anyway here are those indulgences...

There's a definite theme running throughout the purchases. I tried to go with their seasonal Easter products and get some things that I wouldn't ordinarily buy.
Firstly is this most adorable easter bunny. I think it's so cute - almost too good to use! It has quite a strong herbal smell which isn't something I would usually go for, however I thought that this would be quite easy to break into smaller pieces, so the smell wouldn't be too overpowering. The main smell in this product is Lavender and it's absolutely lovely. It's so relaxing and would be ideal for a last minute relaxing bath before bed.
Next up is Sakura. This has a smell that combines floral scents with lemon and orange citrus smells. I smells gorgeous, however I bought this one more for the appearance than the smell. It's so pretty! I looked on the Lush website and it says this is based on Japanese Cherry Blossom, and you can totally tell. It has a really pretty, intricate design. I love the popping candy on the top - this is the cutest thing in the bath!
Finally is the Fluffy Egg (nothing about it is fluffy - it's just a pink egg, but oh well!) This is pretty huge! I won't be using this all in one bath, but I imagine the colour it gives off whatever amount you use is really vibrant! This has the colour of a bright candyfloss and it smells like it too! If you like the creamy candy bubble bar, you'll love this as well! It's very similar to it, and the flower in the design makes the appearance quite similar as well! I think I'll need to stock up on my supplies of this!
That's it for today folks - who doesn't love Lush eh? That shop is just happiness on the high street!
Anyway, see you on Tuesday for this month's favourites!



  1. LUSH creates the cutest products! How adorable is that bunny and easter egg! I wouldn't want to use them. HAHAHA Great pictures and post Hannah!

    1. Thank you :) I know, I would break the bunny into pieces to make it last longer but it just seems cruel!