Nail of the Week: Spring Flowers

During Blogmas I posted a different Christmas related nail art design each week. These seemed really popular, so I thought that now it's spring, I'd start doing some more, and I'll start that today! It's a little bit of a spring flower design today, and requires only a couple of nail varnishes, and can be done in whatever colours you have in your stash!

To get the above design, I used...
What to do...

1) Paint the entire nail with your base coat

Leave to dry

2) Paint the entire nails with the grey varnish

Leave to dry

3) Add one dot of the yellow nail varnish to each nail (you could do this in a uniformed place across the nails or more randomly like I did)
4) Draw small lines around each of the yellow dots in your second varnish choice.
Leave to dry
5) Paint with top coat.
Hope you liked this! See you on Tuesday, when I'll be talking all about my adventures at a McBusted concert that I'm going to tonight! Yay!
See you then!

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