Monthly Favourites | February 2015: Let's talk music!

It's that time again, the end of the month and the time for another monthly favourites - I know I say it every month, but really where does the time go?! This time I've decided I'd stick to one thing only, something I love very much, but don't usually include in my favourites - MUSIC! I'd usually have a couple of beauty favourites, or skincare favourites, but that's not really been the case this month, so I thought I'd talk all about the tracks I'm loving at the moment...

I first heard this song on the radio, before I knew it would be in the 50 Shades of Grey Movie. I wasn't sure about it at first, but now I am in love. It's a track I turn up in the car, blast out, and sing along to at the traffic lights - and the people next to me look and think, crazzzyyyy! Haha, anyway, it's been number one in the UK for three weeks now and I think while ever 50 Shades of Grey is in the cinemas it'll stay there.
I'm talking the 2014 remix here, again something that feautures in the 50 Shades of Grey Movie (Yes, I did go to see it, but don't worry, this month's favourites isn't just going to be the 50 Shades soundtrack!). It's much slower, and the lyrics seem ''deeper'' if that's possible, and seem more meaningful. I just really like it, and much prefer it to the original!
It's not her newest single, but it's probably my favourite of her's. ''You look like my next mistake'' is probably my favourite lyric of all time, we all have those mistakes, and I think the lyrics are quite funny! Doesn't she mention Starbucks at some point as well? What's not to love!
Putting aside the fact I want to marry George Ezra, as I think he is absolutely adorable, I have been loving this track this month. I love the tune, if I could whistle, it's be the kind of tune I'd whistle along to. I like the fact it's him, and his guitar, and the lyrics are about Budapest, when he's never actually been...I really like it, I just think it's a great tune!
The most random collaboration of artists there's been in a while I think, but a very good song has come from it. It's a grower, the first time I heard it on the radio I thought what is this, it didn't make any sense, and I only recognised Rihanna's voice at first until they said that's Rihanna's new track with Kanye and Paul McCartney and I just thought what?! I mist have missed heard that! But, now it's something I'll turn up when it comes on. I don't now all the lyrics, I just mumble my way through most of them, but I still love it! Oh, and I love the simplicity of the video!
Finally, she's back with new music, and I think better than ever! I love this song! It's stuck on repeat in my head, and once I've heard it, that is it for the rest of the day! Love it!
So, that's it, a different kind of favourite this month but I hope you've liked it - thought I'd mix it up a little bit you know, very rock and roll! Anyway, see you on Tuesday!


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