My 100 Things | #54 Buy a Standing Ticket for a Concert

I have a big love for music, and even though I can't play any instruments, and as my friends will tell you I definitely can't sing, I listen and try to sing along to a lot of music. Going to concerts is one of my favourite things to do. I absolutely love it! Last year, no wait the year before I think, wow two years ago, myself, Robyn and another good friend of mine Alex went to see The Script live. We queued for a good few hours on the streets of Nottingham, on what was a very cold, damp Friday in March and whilst myself and Robyn went on a very long coffee run, we left Alex to almost catch pneumonia. Alex's near death experience and our patience was rewarded though, and we got front row at what was probably one of the best gigs I've been too. When tickets for their current tour went on sale last year, we thought we'd try our luck again...

With Alex being in Lancaster, myself in Doncaster and Robyn in Manchester, we decided Manchester was the most convenient place to go, and when tickets went on sale I snapped up three for the M.E.N. Arena. The whole afternoon queueing was fine, then it was an absolute nightmare to get through the doors, get a wristband and get into the arena. This resulted in a lot of hanging around, a lot of luck as to where you ended up and me having a panic attack! But I had an hour and a half before the first act came on and thanks to the lovely man who got me a glass of water, I calmed down, and we stood our ground in our spot on the third row!
The first support as was a guy called Colton Avery (Twitter: @ColtonAvery). I wont lie I'd never heard of him but he was really good! He started with a song called 'Murder' and we all thought oh, very cheery. But he was actually really great, and in my unprofessional opinion I think he has a great future!
Next up was Tinie Tempah! He smashed it. The place was shaking, he had everyone jumping up and down, and he really got everyone going. I can't believe he was a support act when he could totally sell that place out in his own right. But nevertheless he was great!
Then it was time. I've waited two years for that day, and The Script did not disappoint! They smashed it! The whole place was buzzing and it was so good! They know how to put on a show, and I can't imagine the feeling they get when 16,000 people are singing their lyrics back at them! Here's a few pictures...


 If you ever get the opportunity to get tickets to see The Script, don't hesitate in going! They smash it every time and they always put on a good show! They're music, lyrics, and everything else about them is great, and I absolutely love them! It's a big thumbs up from me!
That's it for me today! See you on Friday!

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