Nail of the Week: Colour Blocking

I recently picked up a copy of the Boots Health and Beauty magazine (free to Advantage Card Holders! Woop Woop!) and read it front to back in a couple of hours. As I was going through it, I saw a page on nails, and considering my nail varnish and nail painting addiction, I read it all. What stood out was nail design trends that have recently been on the catwalks. I had no idea designers planned down to that finest detail for their models - this week I decided to recreate a look Henry Holland went for with his models...

To get the above look I used:

What to do:

1) Paint the nail with your base coat

2) Paint the nail with your pink nail varnish

Leave to dry

3) Paint the nail with a second coat of pink nail varnish

Leave to dry

4) Draw a line across the nail, halfway up, with red nail varnish

5) Paint the section of the nail above this line to the tip with red nail varnish

6) Paint a second coat of red nail varnish over first coat

Leave to dry

7) Paint the nail with top coat.

I can't imagine that anyone would struggle with this design! It's so simple and really easy to do, without the need for anything except two nail varnish colours. You could use complimentary or contrasting colours as well - whatever you like!


  1. That is so cool! I didn't think about color blocking my nails! I love that pink and red together. The color combinations are endless. Great job!

    1. You can basically use any colours for this one!