My 100 Things | #31 Go to a Concert

We're here again, posting about my addiction to buying concert tickets, and getting that thrill that seeing live music gives me! This weekend myself and three friends went to see McBusted! Keep reading to see how we got on...

Last year when Mcfly and Busted said they would unite to form the supergroup McBusted my friends and I thought all our Birthdays and Christmas's had come at once! Busted were our childhood - I cried when they split up (don't judge me!) and McFly were the first artist I ever saw in concert! We saw a show they did as part of last years tour and absolutely loved it! So, what did we do about tickets when they went on sale for their current tour? Did we get them? Of course we did!
Sunday 22nd March was the second date of two McBusted were playing at Manchester Arena. Our tcikets turned out to be much better than we thought they would be and they were inbetween the Stage and the B stage so were had a really good view for the entire concert!
Here are some of the pictures I took! Apologies for them being a bit blurry, I was in the moment and jumping about haha!

It was such a good night and every tour they do I'll be getting a ticket too! I have to sing along to Year 3000 at the top of my voice at every opportunity or my ten year old self would be incredibly disappointed!
That's another thing ticked off my list anyway. See you next time!

P.S I've just typed this and realised I haven't actually told you who I went with. I went with my three friends Abi, Alex and Robyn. I'm making a big deal about telling you because Abi is probably one of my most loyal readers and reads most posts as soon as they go up - I know she loves it when she gets a mention so this little paragraph's for her! xx

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  1. Aww thanks Hannah, it was such a great weekend! xxx And your photos came out really well, turns out the microphone on my phone isn't working - not one video had any sound! xxx